Published January 25, 2021

Developing Youth Leaders in Ethiopia Multiplies Ministry Impact

Dr. Gezahegn Asmamaw holding childDr. Gezahegn Asmamaw of Ethiopia has been leading ministry for more than 32 years both in the church and non-profit ministry. As president of Rift Valley Global Mission and executive director of Bridge Africa Solutions, Gezahegn uses his leadership and influence to make a positive impact, especially for the children in his community.

Thanks to the generous donors and partners who have made The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) possible in Ethiopia over the last several years! Gezahegn attributes his leadership learning to attending the GLS over the last six years. As a result, the transformation he has witnessed in the ministries he leads has multiplied the positive impact on others’ lives.

“Leadership is a process of mobilizing others and making a positive impact,” said Gezahegn. “It’s about leading transformation for the better.”

One of Gezahegn’s favorite speakers was Jia Jiang who spoke at the GLS in 2019 on the topic of rejection. “God had a purpose when He brought me into this world,” said Gezahegn. “Yes, rejection hurts temporarily but we do not give up. Fear is a bad counselor. Perseverance in achieving the goals He put on my heart is essential. I decided not to let rejection stop me. When I am rejected, I become stronger.”

Dr. Gezahegn Asmamaw training youth

With inspiration from the GLS, and a desire to make a greater difference in the leadership of his community, Gezahegn decided to select 12 champion youth and build into them through training and mentorship. “I believe this will create a national mission’s strategy and movement in the Ethiopian Church,” he said. “If a leader wants to bring change to the nation through the Gospel, focusing on our youth is the best strategy.”

The focus of his youth training includes addressing corruption, discipleship, evangelism, peacemaking in the midst of civil strife, and of course, leadership development based in servant-hearted, Christian principles. “Through the training, we address the issues of our communities, but before we plan to solve communities’ problems, we get together and study their problems and possible solutions.”

Dr. Gezahegn Asmamaw engages in community discussion to resolve local issues

In addition to training and mentoring youth, Gezahegn also sent out 80 missionaries to support existing churches. “The GLS has not only developed me as a leader, but the ripple effect has also influenced the leadership of the Church in all areas,” said Gezahegn. “Because of the way the GLS inspires our youth and develops model leaders, I believe the Ethiopian evangelical churches missions’ strategy will stretch in all of Ethiopia and surrounding nations.”


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