Published December 7, 2020

The GLS Inspires Me to Advocate for Vulnerable Youth

The Global Leadership Summit reminded me that God gave me a story to tell, and that not telling it would be a waste. Since 2019 I’ve been privileged to be a part of Danielle Strickland and Krish Kandiah’s ministries. Both of these leaders were speakers during the first GLS I attended.

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Together we have advocated for vulnerable youth and foster youth. And since I was once in the foster care system myself, I’ve spoken at different events since The Global Leadership Summit 2019. The most powerful speaking engagement that meant the most to me occurred in the juvenile detention center I once resided in myself. It was a small get together, but I could see God working—the kids asked questions and it felt like many of them came to these “aha” moments that their lives didn’t have to end up where they were at and I have The Global Leadership Summit to thank for that.

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Tori Petersen

Wife, Mom, Former Foster Youth

Tori Petersen is a wife, mom and former foster youth hoping to make her Abba known and loved through stories, speaking and writing. She is an advocate for the preservation of the family, foster care and adoption while communicating the Gospel. Follow her on Instagram @torihopepetersen.