Leadership Experts Share Advice for Young Leaders Today

Published May 28, 2021

Many young leaders today are graduating during an unprecedented season. Times are definitely tough, especially now as we look ahead toward an uncertain future. But do not lose heart. You can rise up for such a time as this. Listen in as Global Leadership Summit faculty alumni share the one piece of advice they would give young leaders today.

These short videos are timely and encouraging, diving into topics on what it means to lead with humility, do your homework, develop a decision working framework, be patient, choose your friends carefully, remain curious, take smart risks, speak the truth with kindness, own your average, and several more!

Young leaders, be encouraged!


Young Leaders – Lead & Learn

Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton encourages you to say yes to the opportunities you are given, and at the same time, recognize that you have a lifetime of learning ahead of you.

Young Leaders – Dream Bigger

Chad Veach

Pastor Chad Veach encourages you to make sure your dream is big enough.

Young Leaders – Lead with Humility

Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni challenges you to build your leadership on the foundation of humility and vulnerability.

Young Leaders – Do Your Homework

Aja Brown

Mayor Aja Brown says you should develop yourself to be able to step into the place you want to impact.

Young Leaders – Just Lead

Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang says the best way to learn to lead is to do it.

Young Leaders – Develop a Decision-making Framework

Todd Henry

Todd Henry advises young leaders to establish a clear set of values to guide how you make decisions.

Young Leaders – Be Patient

Touré Roberts

Pastor Touré Roberts teaches emerging leaders to embrace patience.

Young Leaders – Choose Your Friends Carefully

Chris Hodges

Pastor Chris Hodges says your key relationships will define where you go in life.

Young Leaders – Invest in Education

Dr. Krish Kandiah

Dr. Krish Kandiah encourages you to invest in your education when you are young.

Young Leaders – Remain Curious

Ben Sherwood

Ben Sherwood discusses how emerging leaders should cultivate a practice curiosity.

Young Leaders – Just Do Something

Gabriela Faria

Gabriela Faria communicates that emerging leaders should just get started.

Young Leaders – Speak Truth with Kindness

Chris Voss

FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss advises you to learn how to tell the truth in an emotionally intelligent way.

Young Leaders – Take Smart Risks

Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey encourages emerging leaders to take risks, learn and intentionally seek new opportunities.

Young Leaders – Value Learning

Albert Tate

Pastor Albert Tate shares why learning is key to leadership.

Young Leaders – Own Your Average

Liz Bohannon

Liz Bohannon advises you stop wasting your energy protecting your ego.


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